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The era of having multiple units for different storage needs is passing as diverse storage products prevent optimum utilization and can be difficult to manage. VERTA series from Tyrone Systems, consolidates all your storage requirements in a single all-in-one storage solution which is the most flexible solution.

Unified Architecture
Tyrone Opslag Verta D4ZC-24D is an active- active dual-controller unified storage system that provides FC, 10G, IB and IP connectivity for concurrent SAN or NAS operations.
- Unified Storage Solution Supports both Block and File Protocols
- Supports both Block (iSCSI, FCP, SRP) & File (SMB, NFS, FTP, AFP) protocols
- Dual Redundant Active- Active Controller with load balancing
- 4U Rack Space.

It supports a variety of file and block protocols, supports a wide variety of client systems and many different configurations for host connectivity

 Clients supported : Windows, MAC OS, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris
 File Protocols1 : SMB, AFP, FTP & NFS
 Block Protocols1 : iSCSI Target, FC Target, SRP Target
 Host Interface(s)2 : Bundled: 2 10G (SFP+) Ethernet ports, 1 x Management port (per controller)
Optional Add-ons
2 or 4 GbE (RJ45) Ethernet ports (SMB/NFS/FTP/AFP/iSCSI)
2 or 4 10G (SFP+/RJ45) Ethernet ports (SMB/NFS/FTP/AFP/iSCSI)
2 25G (SFP28) Ethernet ports (SMB/NFS/FTP/AFP/iSCSI)
2 100G (QSFP) Ethernet ports (SMB/NFS/FTP/AFP/iSCSI)
2 or 4 16G Fibre-channel ports (FCP)
2 100G (QSFP) InfiniBand ports (SRP or IPoverIB)
 Management : Hardware monitoring
SNMP support
 Advanced Features : Supports SSD Caching (Optional upgrade), Built-in Snapshot with rollback Snapshot, High Availability, File System
with Journaling support, Inbuilt user authentication, Support for ADS & NIS, Support for Volume Replication
 System Physical Specification : CPU (Default 1) Intel Xeon processor (16 cores per controller) Memory 64GB DDR4 ECC memory (per controller)
RAID LEVEL 0, 1, 0+1, 5, 6, 50 & 6
HDD Bays 24 hot-swap SAS/SATA LFF/SFF HDDs/SSDs in same enclosure
Max Expansion 204 HDD's
P. Supply 1+1 Redundant power supplies
Others Fault-tolerant and redundant modular components for controller,
PSU, FAN module, and dual port disk drive interface
Flexible Scalability
VERTA is a highly scalable solution in which storage capacity can be easily enhanced by adding JBOD units to primary storage. For customers requiring performance scaling along with capacity scaling, multiple VERTA units can be clustered together.

Flexible data protection and redundancy
All VERTA solutions offer high level of redundant and data protection. All the systems support various RAID levels(0, 1, 0+1, 5, 6, 50 & 60) for protection against disk failure and are bundled with redundant power supply as a default feature. VERTA also supports multiple snapshots with scheduling as a default feature and supports local and remote replication.

Easy Management/Integration
Tyrone systems believe in keeping things simple. VERTA can seamlessly integrate with ADS & NIS and our web based management UI is very intuitive and easy to use. For system health monitoring,VERTA has support for IPMI 2.0 and for SNMP.


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